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If this is the worst thing that happens to me today, its still a pretty good day. @LysaTerKeurst #ungluedbook

The one who holds the tongue holds the power. @LysaTerKeurst #ungluedbook

My feelings are indicators not dictators. @LysaTerKeurst #ungluedbook

Am I trying to prove that I am right or improve the relationship? @LysaTerKeurst #ungluedbook

When the rhythm of my soul is survival instead of revival, I come unglued. @LysaTerKeurst #ungluedbook

I can face things out of my control without acting out of control. @LysaTerKeurst #ungluedbook

Becoming unglued is glorious if the end result of that brokenness leads us to holiness. @LysaTerKeurst #ungluedbook

Do less. Be more. Clear out the clutter of idle words. Find that whitespace. Honor God. @LysaTerKeurst #ungluedbook

In every situation, in every interaction, in every day, I want to be a noticer of the good. @LysaTerKeurst #ungluedbook

Move forward. Take baby steps but at least take steps…consider this your invitation to make imperfect progress. @LysaTerKeurst #ungluedbook

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Am I Trying to Prove That I'm Right

The One Who Holds The Tongue

My Feelings Are Indicators

If This is the Worst Thing that Happens to Me Today