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Unglued Challenges


Do you ever get emails that just make you want to hit the slap button on your computer?
You want to respond in a godly way but your emotions are telling you otherwise…
If that’s the case than the 5 Day Unglued Challenge is for you.

Just sign up in the box below and you’ll receive one email a day for 5 days to equip with the internal and external material to help you overcome those moments when you just want to come unglued.

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Lysa knows what unglued mornings feel like. The whining. The complaining. The lost shoes. The stress of running late. Then to top it all off one of my people licks their sister’s Eggo waffle. Seriously? I don’t want to scream but I do. And then I feel so stinkin’ guilty as I drop my disheveled kids off at school and drive away. Is there hope for us less than perfect moms?

Yes! If you desire more calm this school year, join us for the “No More Unglued Mama Mornings Challenge.” We’re taking 5 days to make mornings better with our kids and ultimately better for us moms! Just sign up in the box below.

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Missing a day?

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